Restaurants Against Hunger

Restaurants Against Hunger

Feeding hungry people is important in the short run, but in the long run you’ve got to realize that powerful forces are creating those hungry people. Those people don’t just choose to starve. Our job is to look at those forces and deal with them.” – Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin was an American singer-songwriter best known for his folk rock songs as well as his quest to make a difference in world hunger. He believed that there is enough food to feed everyone on this planet twice over, so why are people going hungry!

Food insecurity in our community is real with 26% of the children in Polk County not sure if they are going to eat today! Many families do not know how or if, they will get their next meal.

Restaurants Against Hunger’s sole purpose is to support nonprofit, not-for-profit, and foundations whose mission is to eliminate hunger and poverty for at-risk and needy populations in our communities in Polk County.

Our Mission Statement;

The mission of Restaurants Against Hunger, Inc. is to provide fundraising assistance to existing non-profit, not-for-profit, and foundations that provide food services and programming for the elimination of poverty to needy populations and the homeless.
We strive to make a difference with in the circle of our influence, as well as provide opportunities to bring awareness to those organizations on the front lines of hunger!